Day 5: Leander Rowing Club

20190919_124947Thursday was another excellent day. We rowed half the day, to Henley-on-Thames, known around the world for its focus on rowing. I walked around the city and enjoyed checking out the shops and the Thursday market.
Cameron Buchan, who is training for a spot on the 2020 Olympic Rowing team, gave us a tour of the Leander Rowing Club training facility. The club has been training almost all of GB’s Olympic rowers for over 100 years so was filled with interesting rowing memorabilia. We had dinner with Cameron and Anne Buckingham from the club. Tomorrow will be our longest row yet, 33 km to Eton. 20190919_12015720190919_122225Rowing shells at Leander Club. .


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  1. aloyalex · September 20, 2019

    Thanx for the updates, Susan! Way cool!

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