Thursday: Wexford

With Hurricane Lorenzo threatening rain and wind today, it wasn’t the best day to go to the Wildfowl Reserve, but we aren’t in Wexford long so we seized the moment anyway.

We had an interesting drive on some back roads – small houses set close to the road, huge houses behind gates and then the reserve at the end of a dirt road.

It was much too cold to take any of the hikes they had mapped out but we could see birds from the observation tower. There was a class of adorable school children in the tower too, and they were fun to interact with a bit.

We eventually left and went into the town of Wexford, where finding a parking space is no joke. We did, then walked around a bit in the cold rain. The rain and wind got worse throughout the afternoon as the storm made its way to our part of the country.

We had a delicious dinner at the hotel and planned for our drive to near Galway tomorrow.

photos: Hurricane preparedness while we were out of our room today.

below: a view from the tower. bird looking for food at low tide



  1. aloyalex · October 3, 2019

    Watch, “The Guard” tonight! It takes place in Galway Five star, very clever, very funny! So clever I had to watch it twice to see stuff I missed Not on YouTube or Netflix Try Hulu.

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  2. aloyalex · October 3, 2019

    Susan, “Waking Ned Devine” takes place in county Cork. Five stars, very clever, very funny.


    • Susan · October 3, 2019

      oh right! – that’s a very funny movie. I didn’t realize it was set there. I’m going to look it up. Thanks!


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