Friday: Siena

Today we moved out of our hotel located outside the walled city and into one inside the walls. We had reserved this hotel a while ago and it is a very old, magnificent place to stay.

There are strict rules about cars in the city, with steep fines for offenders. The hotel has a parking lot but it is a little bit tricky to find. We got ourselves checked in and also got a restaurant recommendation for lunch.

Today and tomorrow are holidays in Italy, so some people take a long weekend away to cities like this one. Our lunch at the recommended Boccon del Prete was terrific, and the small place filled up quickly at noon.

We hope to take a tour of the top of the Siena Cathedral here – apparently a small narrow staircase brings visitors to near the roof – a vantage point that is said to be spectacular. We will see if a tour works out for the time we are here.

For now, we will enjoy the very pretty views.

photos: a gorgeous view; the ceiling in the hotel; escargot with olives👍

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