Sunday: Galway

We spent the day in Galway, our first warm, sunny day in about a week. What a pleasure to be outdoors without an umbrella.

Once we lucked into a parking space, we were in great shape. We walked all around the city for most of the day. Since it is Sunday, many stores were not open, but we enjoyed strolling through the pedestrian walkways, seeing some street performers, stopping for coffee, and spending time in the fantastic Charlie Byrnes bookstore. Wow, I could have spent hours there – there are hundreds of thousands of books. I bought just one.

photos: above – cappuccino stop

below: Just a small fraction of the bookshelves at Charlie Byrnes bookstore.

The University of Ireland, Galway raises funds for their rowing team today

Friday: Ennis

We left Wexford after breakfast this morning and set off for Ennis, about an hour from Galway and 40 minutes from the Cliffs of Moher.
Ireland has so many roundabouts which come up sometimes one after another. Still, the drive went well and we stayed on course.

We stopped along the way for tea and a snack, and enjoyed the beautiful countryside, green and often full of grazing animals.

We arrived here at about 3:30 and had lunch. I was happy to go for a swim in the nice (but hot) pool.

Tomorrow we will check out the Cliffs of Moher.

photos: above – the golf course near our hotel.

below: the hotel (and town) pool, well used by I was the only one in my lap lane.

animals grazing throughout the countryside